Webinar: How to Simplify Complex Quote Generation in Salesforce

Are you in Sales, CRM Operations or Compliance? Are you using Salesforce and struggling to generate complex quotes that would comply with corporate policies? Attend our webinar on March 19th and learn how complex document generation can be made easy. Our expert will cover a variety of topics.

Topics for: Complex Quote Generation in Salesforce

  • Why quotes are so difficult to create, approve and deliver to customers.
  • How Actuate solutions streamline quote and contract management.
  • How Lufthansa Systems created complex quotations 75% faster than before, using Actuate solutions.
  • Implement a “quick check” consulting process to address the challenges of quotation management in your organization.

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Along with Actuate we show you how to simplify the creation of complex quotes with a fully integrated Solution. To register for the webinar on March 19th just click the banner or visit:



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Want to know more: check out more information on Quote Generation or Salesforce Integration.


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