Billag AG: Custom and High-Volume Printing from One Source

Billag AG handles the collection of radio and television fees on behalf of the Swiss government. To do so, the company sends invoices with a collections volume of CHF 1.3 billion to homes and businesses throughout Switzerland. Following their successes with high-volume printing, in 2013 Billag began using the legodo Customer Communication Suite (CCS) to meet the requirements for custom printing.


In the course of switching to an annual invoicing cycle, the company had already been equipped with legodo CCS in 2011. In this project, the challenge was to design a very complex template structure and thereby process more than 4 million invoices, reminders, and 250,000 mailings annually.

Additional requirements were specified in the second project step:

  • Ensure seamless transition for existing interfaces.
  • Ensure personalized and individualized customer service despite bulk business.
  • Strengthen the role of the department in terms of customer communication.

The objective of all actions was to increase the service quality and to improve the individual customer approach which was accompanied by the introduction of legodo CCS as the correspondence system.


legodo CCS allows Billag to manage templates, text, and even image material with central content management, and to combine them with individualized letters. This allows a high level of complexity to be mapped, as is the case with Billag where all content is multilingual and as such is highly complex.

Billag maintains and uses a total of 260 templates, in three languages each, which are rule-based with 4500 text blocks and automatically completed with content.

The company now meets all requirements for both bulk and custom printing with legodo CCS, and as a result is able to respond quickly and flexibly to changing conditions and requirements in customer communication.

Company profile Billag AG

Billag AG was founded as a full subsidiary of Swisscom. Today the company has 300 employees and is headquartered in Fribourg. Billag offers highly-developed specialized expertise in processing invoices with more than 4 million invoices annually. In addition, approximately 750,000 reminders and 60,000 enforcement orders are sent out.