A structure, layout, and data are all it takes to generate interactive documents on any platform and any system.


Use Microsoft Word’s powerful editor to generate modular, rule-based documents with utmost flexibility and a perfect appearance.


Enjoy the best of both worlds with the combination of Java and OOXML used in legodo CCS.

legodo Customer Communication Suite
Experience the Future of Written Customer Communications Today

Customer relationships can make or break a company, and written communications can make all the difference between a mere buyer and a loyal customer. This is exactly why we have developed our Customer Communication Suite (CCS) 4, dramatically improving the world’s best customer communications management solution even further.

CCS 4 redefines customer communications. How? By using innovative Java technologies and open standards that can be used to integrate the tool into any IT environment, implementing an intuitive user interface that makes generating documents a breeze, and enabling users to use the communication channels they need. The result is an innovative platform that facilitates the creation and maintenance of templates, integrates proven and reliable software, and provides an innovative interface that delivers results on any device.

legodo CCS. Excited Customers


DAB bank

Dillinger Hütte

“With legodo, we can deliver customer relevant correspondence in the right context and at the right time – easily, directly, and with a personal touch of course.”

“legodo won us over right from the start and we are happy with the solution. In particular, we are pleased that legodo is always on top of our growing needs.“

“legodo is perfect for our quotation process. Now we can submit quotes much faster than before – and that too with uncompromisingly high quality.”

legodo Correspondence. When You Need Crystal-Clear Processes and Interactive Document Generation

legodo Correspondence enables users to generate documents such as technical service bulletins, maintenance notices, quotations, and invoices interactively. To do so, the program uses the meta-information in templates as a basis, combining elements such as their structure and layout with data from the relevant system in order to produce personalized documents. In addition, legodo Correspondence can be used to show and edit generated documents, as well as to forward them to the necessary downstream processes. More



legodo Designer. Quickly Create Templates for Intelligent Documents

legodo Designer is a GUI-based tool that can be used to create and manage all document templates centrally so that end users can use them to generate their documents. The program comes with a variety of powerful options that can be used when creating a document, such as templates, text blocks, rules, enclosures, processes, and much more.

legodo Designer is integrated into Microsoft Word, meaning that it provides users with all the standard functions available in the popular word processor so that they can create visually attractive, modular, rule-based documents with ample flexibility.


legodo Server. The Very Definition of Stability with Java and OOXML

legodo Server is the central component behind the legodo Customer Communication Suite and is used to connect all of the latter’s components to your existing IT infrastructure.

legodo Server features a state-of-the-art architecture and was developed using Java. It is responsible for controlling the software’s processes, as well as for managing central contents and the technical information used to connect to the systems running the necessary processes.



legodo CCS: Making Your Life Easier

The legodo Customer Communication Suite (CCS) makes it easier for users to manage quotations, campaigns, complaints and other communications. In addition, its seamless connection to a wide variety of CRM and ERP systems and other business applications enables companies to produce highly personalized communications.

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